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Inspiring Awareness of Mental Illness, Mental Health, and Mental Wellness through Comedy and Music


Erez Shek was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 1999 and ever since he has been on his own rocky  journey to find the truest form of acceptance of living with a Mental Illness.

After surviving a Suicide attempt in September 2016, Erez decided he would do whatever he could do to inspire those the thinking that it is possible to live with a Mental Illness.

That meant to start understanding that taking care of his Mental Illness meant understanding that he had to work on all part of his Mental Health.

To help End the Stigma of Mental Health, and End The Stigma of Mental Illness and to provide Suicide Awareness for Suicide Prevention. To help present my personal growth journey to have other ask questions to further theirs. 

Always with humor and comedy, because that is how




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