Episode 11: Guest Brandon Leland

Originally Aired Live on Left of Str8 Radio on Blog Talk Radio
November 29, 2018

Joined by Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Artist and Producer Brandon Leland from the band "Till I Fall".

Brandon shares his journey living with depression and anxiety, and how being a creator has been a defining feature of his survival. 

Check out more music from Brandon and "Till I Fall" on Spotify:

Episode 9: Boundary Care

This episode is brought to you by the letter "B". As in Boundaries.
It's not just about setting them up and expecting them to always hold. We also have to know that....well listen to the episode and you will find how that sentence completes itself.

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Episode 8: Fashionatomy with Guest Rami Bayaa

When it comes to our health, the more we spark conversations about it the better off we all are. That is what Rami Bayaa is doing with his originally designed medically themed jewelry. Check out our interview and his designs on the Fashionatomy website and Instagram. 

At the end of this episode you can find out how you can enter a giveaway for of one of his incredible pieces. 

Instagram: fashionatomy.official

Episode 6: Self Awareness Superpowers with Jil Applegate

Self-Awareness is a super power that is the base of how we can transform, heal, and grow in life. 

Transformational Coach Jil Applegate joins The Shek Check for this chat. 

Learn more about Jil and Applecore Coaching right here:
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Instagram: @apple_core_coaching

Episode 5: Therapist Chris Morandi- Therapist Unplugged

The Shek Check pops into the mind of Therapist Chris Morandi. Talking about life "behind the scenes" of working in Mental Health and the importance of therapy. Also delving into the importance of learning emotional language for the care of our Mental Health, and prevention of the conditions and illness' that can form. 

You can learn more about Chris and his (awesome) podcast Old Cove Road right here: 

Episode 1: Mother St*gma

Why The Shek Check feels that the base definition of Mental Health is the one that gives birth to the stigma of Mental Health Conditions and the Illness’

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