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VFC 2.0 Podcast- Guest

Speaking of Mental Health and Mental Illness can be hard, but we don't get anywhere taking things easy.

A pleasure to join Voices of Change 2.0 to speak Stigma, Mental Health, Mental Health Awareness, and where we go from her to educate to Stop The Stigma. 

Moments of Clarity with Tiffany-Stigma of Mental Health & LGBTQ (AUDIO)

Love joining Tiffany on her Radio Show MOMENTS OF CLARITY 

Today we spoke about life as a Mental Health & LGBTQ Advocate and the Stigma's that involve both.

The stigma's don't help or promote us, they work against our growth in every single way. 

Can You Not? Cuz I Cant.

Have you ever heard someone use "Chlamydia" as an adjective to describe someone or their personality?
No? Me Neither.
I have, along with many people living with a mental illness, have heard Bipolar or Schizophrenic used to describe people or acts.
The truth is, while some think its funny, its quite ignorant.
A mental illness is not an adjective, and even when most use it as an's completely off-key of what the illness actually is. 

One Flew Over the Ignorance Nest

What happens when a workplace is combined with ignorant comments. It had me asking myself:
How can I fight Stigma even harder, and what could have I done differently?
Watch the Video and Leave comments on what you think WE can do to better educate everyday people on Mental Illness and Mental Health?

Stigma Kills

My Story on how the Stigma of my Bipolar Disorder led me to a Suicide Attempt.

One might think that living with Mental Illness is the hardest thing we have to deal with. Seldom realizing the ignorance, the misinformation, the miseducation and discrimination we face, is so powerful. It can kill.

I Am Not A Textbook Definition

Can a Textbook Definition of a part of you suddenly become who you are in the eyes of others? 
Sometimes, yes.
When they do, or when we even do...

Then the Stigma of Mental Illness begins or continues its deathly formation. 

Can you state today"