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Quote Check: To Thine Own Self Be True

Quote Check with The Shek Check: "To Thine Ownself Be True" becomes this quote that can consume or mind. Asking ourselves who we are and are we true to ourselves. We might obsess over this question for a we should be. Life moment by life moment.

How I Be

This video at its core is about acceptance of self. Our contradictions and our consistancies make us who we are. In this moment We are here to be, and all we know is how we are in this moment.

Flawbulously Human

In a society where there are Images of Perfection everywhere, we often forget neither exist.

Why do we not allow ourselves to be Human, why must something that doesn't actually exist influence us to not be okay with our flaws?

The pressure keeps allowing us to forget one pretty major thing,

We are all human, we all have flaws. Why aren't we embracing being Flawbulously Human MORE? 

Understanding that we're taking an unrealistic pressure off of ourselves, and not continuing to create that pressure with in the rest of society.