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The Circle of Strife

I've come to see that I will  typically enter the Circle of Strife when I head into a Bipolar Episode.
The thing is, I don't get deeper in till after I've come to a place of stability.

WHAT? You heard me...
I call it the Uncomfortable Comfortable place because it becomes way too easy to live there and get caught up with all the others that have become lost there. The longer we allow ourselves to be there, the harder it is to find our way out. 
The thing is, we look to others for ways to get out and directions from others

(No internet for google maps in the Circle of Strife)

However what we don't always remember is that our journeys (our answers) still need to be ours. Others can help and boost us and contribute to our ways, but we still have our own unique journey to answer to. 

Are we ready to ask ourselves the questions that can let us find the Circle of Life and be prepared for the next time we enter the Circle of Strife? 
The questions aren't always easy to ask others, but we will eventually. The question is, are we ready to ask ourselves and find our own answers? Our own strength?

Please feel FREE to leave your own viewpoints of opinions on this. Positive or negative, it can help us see different things.