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The Stigma in Healthcare

Many of us who live with Mental Health Conditions or Mental Illness have learned the hard way that Stigma does not stop when you are dealing with General Doctors, ER Doctors, Nurses, EMT's and Hospital Staff. In fact the Stigma can often prevents us from getting care for our Physical Health

Get To Know Your Bipolar

When we speak about Mental Health Awareness we often forget that is not just about talking about how our Mental Illness makes us feel (although EXTREMELY important)

However, it can often mean we forget or don't talk about being aware of our actual Mental HEALTH.

By getting to know my Bipolar Disorder I am not only taking my Self Care to the MAX, but I am also helping my support system around me to not just understand Bipolar Disorder but to also understand the characteristics and traits of MY Bipolar Disorder. 

We are all different, meaning our illness' can also be. For us to understand that helps others understand that as well.

Is it a lot of work? Yes. 

Is it fun? No

Will it help us live with our Mental Illness and strengthen us? You bet your booty! 

Here is how I did it, every step. 

VFC 2.0 Podcast- Guest

Speaking of Mental Health and Mental Illness can be hard, but we don't get anywhere taking things easy.

A pleasure to join Voices of Change 2.0 to speak Stigma, Mental Health, Mental Health Awareness, and where we go from her to educate to Stop The Stigma. 

I Am Not A Textbook Definition

Can a Textbook Definition of a part of you suddenly become who you are in the eyes of others? 
Sometimes, yes.
When they do, or when we even do...

Then the Stigma of Mental Illness begins or continues its deathly formation. 

Can you state today"