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Is this Glass Half Full or Empty?
The Glass has water in it and I'm thirsty. I'm going to drink it.
After you watch the video, check out this article on the difference between what is considered Positive Thinking and the Science of Positive Psychology:



Often times we feel limited based on events in our life, and often times it can be limitations set on us by other people that we end up accepting in our lives.

I don't think we have to.

Here is the very first Live Stream of The Shek Check 

Not Today Toxic

There are people we already know or meet that become toxic for our mental health.

There are a few myths on who these people can be and there are also things that prevent us from doing what we need to do to rid ourselves of them in our lives, even if its for our mental health.

Even if its for our own good. Here are some reasons I've come up with, and a beautiful example on how holding onto it did no good for me in the long run. Enjoy! 

The Sorry Not Sorry Syndrome

Taking care of Mental Health is NOT just for people living with a Mental Illness.
It is for one and all.
Part of everyone's Mental Health is Taking Responsibility on how our words, actions, misactions & non-actions can affect those around us. 
This kind of responsibility makes itself most obviously when we need to take that responsibility with an apology.
This new video explores (with humor--as always)several ways our "Im sorry" easily becomes "I'm not sorry" and responsibility escapes us.
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Get To Know Your Bipolar

When we speak about Mental Health Awareness we often forget that is not just about talking about how our Mental Illness makes us feel (although EXTREMELY important)

However, it can often mean we forget or don't talk about being aware of our actual Mental HEALTH.

By getting to know my Bipolar Disorder I am not only taking my Self Care to the MAX, but I am also helping my support system around me to not just understand Bipolar Disorder but to also understand the characteristics and traits of MY Bipolar Disorder. 

We are all different, meaning our illness' can also be. For us to understand that helps others understand that as well.

Is it a lot of work? Yes. 

Is it fun? No

Will it help us live with our Mental Illness and strengthen us? You bet your booty! 

Here is how I did it, every step. 

At The Moment

AT THE MOMENT is a phrase I had trouble grasping when it came to my opinions, my feelings, my relationships and my situation.
However, after time I realized how much power that phrase can hold when you are used to thinking in "All or Nothing" Mentality or "Black and White Thinking"
This is why and how "AT THE MOMENT" has put me on a path of thinking in a more fluid and unlimited way.