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Facebook Live 2/15/18- with Andrew Bossone

The Shek Check had its very first Special Guest.

Journalist, News Producer and friend of 20 years joins me to discuss the heavy topic of Suicide in Culture, Society, and in conversation. 

Also going in depth to talk about my own Suicide attempt in September 2016, the things leading up, and what changed after for me. As well as the affect it had on him.

The conversation all people need to start having, Suicide Awareness can be Suicide Prevention. 


Quote Check: "Forgive & Forget"

Quote Check with The Shek Check takes common sayings, quotes and lyrics and breaks them down the only way Shek Check could.

Up on block this week is the well known phrase "Forgive and Forget". 

Take a moment and see how #TheShekCheck breaks it down in 2 minutes or less. 

The Sorry Not Sorry Syndrome

Taking care of Mental Health is NOT just for people living with a Mental Illness.
It is for one and all.
Part of everyone's Mental Health is Taking Responsibility on how our words, actions, misactions & non-actions can affect those around us. 
This kind of responsibility makes itself most obviously when we need to take that responsibility with an apology.
This new video explores (with humor--as always)several ways our "Im sorry" easily becomes "I'm not sorry" and responsibility escapes us.
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Coming Out of the closet is up to each person and their journey and comfort. 
What most won't realize is the stigma promoted by society and the people closest to those people, makes it sometimes impossible for them to reach that part of their journey.

In this episode I speak not only about Coming Out and Homophobia but those who present themselves as Non-Homophobic when their actions points to pure and utter...

Homo-Faux-Pro-Bia. Its real, but I did just make the word up.

This is how I've chosen to face that challenge, and something that might work for anyone struggling with that as well.

Stigma Kills

My Story on how the Stigma of my Bipolar Disorder led me to a Suicide Attempt.

One might think that living with Mental Illness is the hardest thing we have to deal with. Seldom realizing the ignorance, the misinformation, the miseducation and discrimination we face, is so powerful. It can kill.