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Mental Health is Health

I believe that Mental Health IS Health. With that belief comes the same respect and belief I put in Physical Health. While I have my lived experiences to share, it would be beyond irresponsible to advise and suggest anything Medical or Treatment related. Thats how I live out my belief that Mental Health is Real and it is Health. My actions will always speak louder than my words.

Accept It

When it comes to those heated discussions, relationships & break ups we here the same thing "You don;t have to like it, you have to Respect It". I disagree. Your only job, in those moments, is to Accept It.

Weird Doesn't Live Here

This episode of THE SHEK CHECK is brought to you by the word:
Why do we fear difference, why does "WEIRD" have such a negative connotation when all it means is "Not Normal For Us".
Erez rant's on how the word "WEIRD" stunts our growth and the growth of the future of the world. 
Weird just means different to us...
Why do we not embrace the difference?