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Accept It

When it comes to those heated discussions, relationships & break ups we here the same thing "You don;t have to like it, you have to Respect It". I disagree. Your only job, in those moments, is to Accept It.

Strife Lies

The lies that anxiety, our strife, tells us. They deserve to be called out, just like you would call someone out when they lie to you.

Selfish 2B Selfless

The word "Selfish" has been ruined by those who take it to extremes. Its not a 4 Letter Word, it's not bad if you find and re-work its balance. Its necessary if we want to give part of ourselves to others.


Is this Glass Half Full or Empty?
The Glass has water in it and I'm thirsty. I'm going to drink it.
After you watch the video, check out this article on the difference between what is considered Positive Thinking and the Science of Positive Psychology:


Feel It, Face It, F*ck It

There are 3 basic steps that I go through to find a true sense of "Let It Go" when it comes to feelings and the events they are connected to. I talk about them in this vlog. 



Often times we feel limited based on events in our life, and often times it can be limitations set on us by other people that we end up accepting in our lives.

I don't think we have to.

Here is the very first Live Stream of The Shek Check 

Not Today Toxic

There are people we already know or meet that become toxic for our mental health.

There are a few myths on who these people can be and there are also things that prevent us from doing what we need to do to rid ourselves of them in our lives, even if its for our mental health.

Even if its for our own good. Here are some reasons I've come up with, and a beautiful example on how holding onto it did no good for me in the long run. Enjoy! 

Regret Be Gone

Do I think regret exists? Yes.
Do I think it HAS to be lasting? I think thats up to each of us.
For me, I think that regret can go away, while its difficult to think that...its only difficult because of the work that is involved in it.
However our growth and mental health depends on it, because living in regret can heat away at us over time.